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Everyday Fresh, Organic Wig, Hair & Scalp Deodorizer

Whether a session at the gym, cooking for family and friends, or even, just your daily commute, your hair throughout the day loses the freshness of that just-washed feeling.  Dirty hair, no matter how pristine you are, makes you feel dirty with odors like smoke, sweat, and the outside pollution permeating. It doesn’t matter if your hair is real, have extensions, or a wig, it’s hard to rid yourself of that grubby feeling your hair has after a day out conquering the world. Dry Shampoo can only do so much — it doesn’t leave you with that clean feeling, it just keeps the grease at bay.

The solution was specifically formulated to cleanse the scalp while wearing hairpieces for sanitary reasons, as well as helping restore the pH balance to the hair and scalp — the ph balance is essential for preventing fungi and bacteria in the hair and scalp, thus keeping the hair cuticles healthy.

20171208_011326The essential ingredients in “Everyday Fresh, Organic Wig, Hair & Scalp Deodorizer” are Lemongrass, Black Seed and Alkaline Water.

Lemongrass, which features antimicrobial and antiseptic properties, is used to treat scalp conditions such as  inflammation and is known to help fight hair loss. Similarly, black seed oil relieves the scalp and helps stimulate thick and healthy hair through its rich nourishment properties.  The last of the ingredients making up “Everyday Fresh, Organic Wig, Hair & Scalp Deodorizer” is Alkaline water, which neutralizes the harmful ROS that attack cells like hair follicles that cause hair loss.

Organic Wig, Hair & Scalp DeodorizerNot only is “Everyday Fresh, Organic Wig, Hair & Scalp Deodorizer” the perfect solution for your hair and scalp, keeping both healthy and clean, the solution itself, has a seven-month shelf. So, do yourself a favor, and become the mane attraction with those seemingly “just-washed” luscious locks by using “Everyday Fresh, Organic Wig, Hair & Scalp Deodorizer”. Your hair and scalp will thank you for it.

$14.00 4oz

Everyday Fresh, Organic Wig, Hair & Scalp Deodorizer

 Everyday Fresh, Organic Wig, Hair & Scalp Deodorizer


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